Welcome to Mel Tarot – the House of Wiccan Cats!

Let me introduce y’all to Mel, our local Tarot reader.
Mel has her card reading service in both Vietnamese and English and a great group of clients from all over the world. She is called a little fairy by her clients for her kind heart and understanding. Wondering what the future has in store? Go talk to Mel!

Watercolor Postcards

Ever wanted to experiment with watercolors? Quest and Lila are happy to experience it with you.  This beginner watercolor workshop will cover basic techniques of painting with watercolors and demonstrate some fun effects that can be done with different materials.

You’ll create your own postcards on watercolor, which you can keep to show off your newly-acquired skills or stamp them and pop em in the mail!  Class participants will leave with knowledge of watercolor painting and your very own hand-painted postcards.

Fairy Fanveil Dance

Fan veils have always been a nice tool to be incorporated into dancing, making the dance much more poetic and colorful. Come to Dance with Fan Veils workshop, hosted by Tuyet Nhung to learn how to move so beautifully, heads will be turned.


Making a bamboo project is pretty easy and cheap, especially in Vietnam where it’s a common plant, easy to grow and treat – discover how during the workshop. Anyone can craft their own projects using this natural material, whether indoor or outdoor. So if you want to DIY something to spruce up your living space or just be eco-friendly during the festival crafting your own bamboo cup!

Krav Maga/ Basic Self-Defend

Fight, flight, fright or freeze – can we train your natural response to danger? 

Krav maga is not only physical training but more complex system of observing, assessing and taking actions. Students can only benefit from training the mind as well as the body boosting self confidence, teaching self respect as well as respect towards others. Krav maga teaches quick effective tools for personal safety.

Hanoi Philosophy Forum

Vegan Philosophy

Don’t worry. This is not a soap-box event preaching the irrefutable gospel of veganism. This is an opportunity for community exploration and debate. Wherever you fall on the spectrum from meat-eater to vegan, your voice will be a welcome part of this discussion.  A series of presentations, small-group discussions, and artwork on Veganism – terminology; arguments for and against veganism by both modern and historical philosophers; reducitarianism; carnism; and the environmental, ethical, and economic impacts of the meat industry.

East Brain, West Brain

How Asians and Westerners think differently… and why. Based on the book Geography of Thought by Professor Richard Nisbett, a series of talks, discussions, stories, & artwork based on recent psychological explorations into the differences between eastern and western conceptualizations of the world.

Flow workshop - Fire Dance

A 2-hour workshop created for all ages, all abilities/levels in all fire toys. We teach with a team and spilt up people depending on levels and different toys & focus on how to dance and find your own flow & how to perform singularly and in a group.
We offer the use of all our practise toys and encourage others to join us when playing and learning.

Ashley's handmade

Ashley’s Handmade takes the finest leather and develops intricate geometric designs inspired from traditional mandala; before adding a pinch of inspiration from Turkish art. At our workshop you yourself can learn the skills in order to decorate your own notebooks, money pouches or passport covers.

Something Something

We believe everyone is a poet whether they know it or not.

Come collaborate with others to make, shake and share poetry through games, crafts, laughter and imagination.

Macrame Key Chain & Crochet Mandala

Hohana is well known in her crocheted mandalas and mixed media art installations creating different styles and concepts. Her artworks and Crochet Workshops have appeared in major events and festivals in the Philippines and across other Asian countries.

She worked through her depression with crochet materials, created out of love, dreams, and inspiration, she put her heart and soul into each artwork and she is so grateful to share this with others.

East meets West Calligraphy

Two calligraphy experts will be on hand at Quest to teach you the arts of Western and Asian calligraphy at Quest Festival. Learn the differences and similarities between these two art forms and walk away with a beautiful piece of script as a souvenir.

If there was ever a time to practice your penmanship, then why not on a floating wooden hut at Quest Festival?!

Zine making

Made in Vietnam Zine started in April of this year. They are a Hanoi based art book featuring creatives in Vietnam. Their books are printed as zines, making them affordable to everyone, something they can produce by hand to then distribute and participate in Vietnam’s fledgling (but fast growing) anarchic zine culture. Once printed the zines are distributed throughout Hanoi and Saigon in galleries, art spaces, cafes and bars. Some copies are donated to art libraries, curators and influencers to support the contributors’ featured work. They organise talks and workshops in partnership with Hanoi Zine Library to encourage others to start making zines.

Partner Acroyoga

Have you ever dreamt of flying ?

Acroyoga is a beautiful practice that combines the dynamic wisdom of acrobatics, the awareness, breath and balance of yoga and the healing, loving nature of Thai massage. Working with one or more partners these three disciplines are fused into spectacular sequences of inversions, flows and balances.  

Typewriting workshop

Our workshop started from the passion for writing and nostalgic souls sharing among the four of us. We love to write and we own a typewriter, somehow. We love to play with words: typing a letter to a friend, keeping a diary, writing poems, writing cliché quotes or just sheerly jotting down thoughts and enjoy the sound of the machine. We would love to share that with you.

Dance With Goddess Wings

Adorn your goddess wings and learn how to dance, spin and twirl.

Drink & Draw workshop

Pick up a pencil and grab a drink and draw our festival models. Try your hand at classic life drawing but much more relaxed, draw what you see in front of you or what you see in your minds eye, no pressure only fun. Join us for free either to draw or model. Materials and models provided.

Ukulele For Beginners

Hung Le is the ukulele teacher and founder of La La Land Art School, his classes are simple but effective so that even a kid can learn to play easily. He promises that you can play ukulele and sing a famous song after his 2 hours workshop!

Consocia T-Shirt painting

Consocia organizes the Tshirt painting workshop for all who love painting, and handmade products. We bring people assistance and inspiration ideas to decorate their T-shirt in a creative way.

Wire Art jewelry Making

We teach and assist you how to make your own jewellery using natural materials for examples
stones,  crystals, copper, silver and leather.

dream catcher

Make your own Dream Catcher and be a part of the forest of dreams.  Contribute to the beauty of Quest and have a dreamy souvenir to take home once the music stops. I will be there providing all the materials you need along with expert guidance and instruction. Make friends, make art, make memories.


We thought it would be extremely fun to host a Flash Mob Workshop, teaching all you lively peeps some basic but enjoyable dance moves to then together, bust out on the dance floors. The great thing about Flash Mob dancing is that the type of music played does not really matter too much. We can dance to anything and everything and still, have whole lot of fun!


African Dance

Pan-African dancing can only be described as a flavourful melting pot of all dance styles from across Africa! To dance it, you require no skills, no flexibility, no experience – just a lot of heart and and even more spirit. African dancing is a communal style of dancing that will have you feeling uplifted, connected and equipped for the dancefloor!

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