More than just a Music Festival

A Sneak Peek at Quest’s Festival Workshops and Wonders

Quest has never just been about the music. Although it is true that the Quest 2018 lineup is looking stunningly good, there is much more to see and do at Quest than could ever fit on our five stages alone. We’ve already alluded to the mysterious Hendrick’s Botanical Oasis and now we want to share a few of the unique festival workshops on offer and the other amazing spaces you should look out for this year at Quest.

Get Creative on the Quest Floating House

Did you know there is a floating house at Quest? This little, shaded pontoon is a lovely place to rest and observe the festival madness from the peaceful lake. It is also a place where you can go to get a little creative.

On Saturday afternoon, you’ll find two fine-looking scholars seated in the floating house: one will be holding a finely crafted fountain pen, and the other will be robbed in an elegant Vietnamese Ao Dai with a thick, pointed paint brush in hand. They’ll be waiting to teach you the arts of Western and Asian calligraphy! Learn the differences and similarities between these two art forms and walk away with a beautiful piece of script as a souvenir.

If there was ever a time to practice your penmanship, then why not on a floating wooden hut at Quest Festival?!

The Healing Space will be located inside a balmy parachute tent and a private entrance will be guarded by two friendly volunteers. They’ll be encouraging the spiritually intrigued to leave their cigarettes, alcohol, and shoes at the door as they enter this tranquil, sacred space. Sit down on a bamboo mat, prop yourself up with a cosy pillow and breath in the incense-infused air.

Rebalance at the Quest Healing Space

Happy, healthy festival-goers create the best festival energy and the wellbeing of all our Questers is very important to us. This is why this year we’ll be devoting an entire section of the festival to The Healing Space. Separate from the Quest Medical Tent, this area will be exclusively dedicated to activities that soothe the soul. Think slow yoga, reiki, and meditation.

Energy Healing with KareN

● Jin Shin Jyutsu
● Cosmic Soul Blueprint Readings
● Qi Gong
● Munay-Ki Rite of the Womb
● Fire Ceremony

The Lightmoon Sisters with Alessandra

● Full Moon Ritual
● Goddess Awakening

Gabriela Brisolla

● Pranayama breathwork workshop
● Slow Yoga Sessions
● Reiki Healing

All this as well as:

● Shamanic Divination Readings with Mallory
● Object and Movement Workshops with Linh Pham
● Singing Bowl Healing with Gabriella Pineda

Come to The Quest Healing Space and find out more about how each of these healing rituals and workshops could help you rebalance your mind, body and spirit.

Quest 2018 is going to have a full-on schedule of music, performance, dance, food and, yes, debauchery. It is also a place where you can create, learn, heal, and recharge. Take the time to explore the Quest festival workshops this year and experience the full Quest magic.

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