The Glitter filled Disco/Funk dance night with drag/GenderFunk performances. GenderFunk is a safe creative space to explore, express and let out everything society or life makes you keep inside. The place where You Do You!


Flowmads unite the tribes S.E.  Asian festival tour kicking off with Quest Festival as we bring our family together to bring our explosive fire show workshops & more.


Wings Dancers
Spreading their wings like a dazzling bird about to take flight, these captivating dancers will illuminate your imagination.

LINH Valerie pham
Linh Valerie Pham is a theatre and puppetry artist based in Vietnam. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of Mat Tran Ensemble. Her aim as an artist is to tell stories that disrupts and destabilizes orders. Valerie believes in the power of narrative, the tremendous impact of representation and lipsticks.

Flow by Love combines the arts of juggling, manipulation, and dance to create visually stunning experiences. During the day, their playfulness and technical skill can be spotted in circus roving acts. At night, their fire arts and LED technology ignite the the festival stages as they bend and wrap around each other in partner and solo performances. Be sure not to miss their illuminating experience!

Jungle ballet
Julia Sparkle’s performance work is about engaging people to drop their guard and connect with their inner child. She calls it therapeutic nonsense. She will be hosting a jungle ballet workshop, her own invention of fused music and movement. She will also be doing a walkabout called pick a pocket. Come get involved in some healing fun and let your inner child be free to play!


MAI TINH VI, SON LUONG, THINH TIEU, KIM aka LAM DUY PHUONG, are hip hop dancers, supported by the GS dance studio in Saigon and Mai Thinh Vi studio in Hanoi, with a lot of stories to tell. Get into their groove and feel their rhythm.

Psii works
This trio of dancers/performers will bring some mystical trippy visuals through movement and physical theater, from dancing in slow motion inside the waters of the lake, to walking around in procession and filling the dancefloor with absurd choreographies.

tyrone & the Tyronettes
Spandexx Ballet’s infamous fitness wunderkind Tyrone and his gorgeous Tyronettes are back and they are super excited to be bringing their special brand of 80’s inspired glam-aerobics, dance and fashion to Quest Festival for the second year in a row! Don’t forget your lycra!

Hanoi circus Collective
We came together in a park in Hanoi, all searching for the same thing. The touch of fire and flow. Each having our own style and technique, we have come together to share our love for flow as one of the creative arts. We are the circus collective.

Hanoi Slam
Hanoi Slam! is a non-profit community group dedicated to creating a platform for stories tellers of all experience levels and abilities to share their storytelling prowess and passion with a willing audience.

Kira Doodle
Kira Nguyen is artist and organizer of the first Doodle Festival in Saigon. At Quest 2018, she’ll be bringing her visual art and exhibitions with her pictures about Vietnamese culture through hand drawing.

Guilty Pleasures Freakshow Disco

The second annual Quest Festival – Guilty Pleasures Freak Show Disco – Friday at 7pm. Juju Huckabee & KEM shall serve a proverbial storm to the tune of earth banging hits from 80’s, 90’s dance, disco, electronic and beyond #spacecats. Celebrating LGBTQ and global egalitarians through the mediums of drag performance with Gender Funk & Hanoi Queens and freedom tunes. Dress Code: Freaks and geeks, mythical creatures, space cats, drag, disco sequins.. go wild.


Peasok is a one man party machine, time traveling his way to Quest with his custom LED suit to blow your mind.

The rotten grapes
Hanoi’s favourite improv comedy troupe returns to Quest once again to create an immersive theatre experience on the giant stage that is Quest Festival. Prepeare to be enraptured by their comedic stylings.

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