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Quest 2017 – Festival Theme

The theme for this year is the four holy animals of Vietnam, or in Vietnamese Tứ linh – The Dragon, The Qilin, The Phoenix and The Turtle. The theme is expressed through stages, installations, performance and you, the audience, through costume (see costumes section for more information on this).

Quy/ Turtle

The Quy/ Turtle is the most complex and commonly seen symbol and is combined with either a crane or a snake. The turtle representing immortality, strength and enduring power whereas the snake represents speed, wisdom and flexibility. The Turtle and crane represents balance between sky and earth, femininity and masculinity.

Phoenix / Phượng

The Phoenix / Phượng is the king of the birds. It symbolizes prosperity, morality and elegance as well as representing the queen and princess.

Dragon / Long

The Dragon / Long is the spiritualized version of lizard and symbolizes life, growth, the universe, wisdom and nobility. It can also represent a king.

Qilin / Lân

The Qilin / Lân is sometimes called a unicorn, because of the single horn upon its head. Combining the head of dragon and the legs of a deer, it symbolizes luck and security.


Quest is rooted in creativity, we provide workshops both before and at the festival for you to come, meet other in the community and explore your own creativity. Our costume workshops run in the months leading up to the festival and on the Saturday of Quest is the annual Costume Catwalk Party, the winner of best costume is bestowed with a lifetime ticket to the festival. For real. So get your glue gun, your sewing machine and/or your sequins ready and show us what you got!

Note: Quest Asks you to have awareness of cultural appropriation. Native American headdresses are a particular example of this. It is common courtesy not to trivialize someone’s religion and culture. If you ARE a Native American Chief however, feel free to wear a headdress – You earnt it.


Quest is made for you to get involved, not just by applying officially, but also as a guest who likes to get into the experience. We encourage you to participate in the festival in whatever way you feel, some guests have given our handwritten compliments, given away pieces of pirate gold, dressed up in team costume, told poems or given impromptu performances. Remember: Quest is about you, it’s your playground.

QUEST Eco-program

We are working very hard to continue to improve our eco program. We ask you to always find the trash bin for your refuse, to bring your own cigarette butt bin (mint tins work well) and to generally minimise the packaging you bring to the site. Quest will provide re-usable cups for drinks. Water can be re-filled at nominal cost at any bar.