Festival Vietnam 2018

23-25 November 2018, Son Tinh Camp Quest Festival is Vietnam’s premier arts, music and nature festival, set in the scenic mountain landscape of Son Tinh Camp, just a short ride from Hanoi.


Eva Lazarus (UK)

DJ Swindle (UK)

Filastine & Nova (ID/ES)

Blood, Wine or Honey (HK)

Mendy Indigo (TH)

Based On Kyoto (JP)

Das Fluff (de/UK)


Red Helix (IR/VN/DN)

Hanoing Jazz Band (VN)

Ele Records Takeover

Sameed (UK)

Seelie (UK)

Nayla (UK)

Project ATX6 Showcase

Cory Reinish (USA)

Carrie Fussell (USA)

Jacob Jaeger (USA)

Georgia Parker (USA)

Michael Booher (USA)

Nnedi Nebula (USA)

Slum Disco Takeover

TomMy Rocksteady Boyes  (TH/UK)

Transport DJs (UK)

Jonnyvicious (MY)

Tek Harrington (TH)


Quest 2018 Essential Packing List

We strongly advise you to only bring what you need to the festival - Quest is serious about our commitment to the environment and want to minimize waste wherever possible. If you can’t take it home, don’t bring it with you. We have invested all our efforts into...

Feel the love! Kisses at Quest Festival 2017

There’s just something about the festival atmosphere that makes us all a little more loved up, isn’t there? 5,000 people’s worth of good vibes, a little early November sunshine, good music and the scenic natural surrounds of Dong Mo lake certainly created a romantic...

Get Involved!

The Quest family invites you to participate in making Quest Festival 2018 the best Quest yet! Whether you want to perform, play music, create an installation, lead a workshop or volunteer, we encourage you to apply now!

Quest 2017 Aftervideo

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