Creative Theme

Quest Festival Vietnam 2018

This year we continue to celebrate Vietnamese culture and mythology.

Our creative theme draws inspiration from the ancient creation story of Than Tru Troi.

The Story of Than Tru Troi

In the beginning, there was nothing.

The earth was formless and desolate. A raging ocean covered everything, engulfing all in total darkness.

Then appeared a god with towering legs, whose enormous stride covered mountains and continents. One day, he craned his neck, rose up and pushed the whole sky up upon his shoulders.

Using his mighty arms, he began to dig, unearthing and stacking stones to make a pillar strong enough to hold the sky. The higher the pillar grew, the further the sky rose above the earth.

The earth and the sky, once one, were split. When the sky was stable and clear, Than Tru Troi broke the pillar with such force that rocks flew everywhere.

Where the rocks landed, they formed mountains and hills. Where they tore the earth, lakes and oceans were created.

Using this legend as the focus for QUest festival 2018 we have reintegrated the four holy animals as an integral part of the festival, the theme for our 2017 edition.

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