7 Ways To Be A Festival Eco Warrior

Quest Festival is lucky to be located in a stunning part of Northern Vietnam. Son Tinh Camp is a little, green forest oasis in the middle of Dong Mo Lake; there is nowhere we’d rather party than beneath the trees and in the water. If you feel the same, then you can help us to protect our festival environment by thinking green, going Eco and being sustainable.

With just a little planning and some mindful thinking, you can be an Eco-festival warrior and we can all keep Son Tinh beautiful.

Join the (eco) glitterati

So, the first thing on this list and something we’ve already written about is going green with glitter. No, we don’t mean looking like a sparkly Shrek, we mean investing in some Eco-friendly festival glitter – in whatever colour you fancy!

Eco-Friendly Festival Fashion

When it comes to festival fashion, we want you to be as creative as possible! And, if it fits the theme, even better. But, that doesn’t mean heading out for a festival shopping spree.

The very best way to be sustainable with your festival outfit is to recycle. Dive deep into your wardrobe and get creative with a pair of craft scissors, or head to your local thrift store or charity shop to find some gems to reuse.

If you are in Hanoi pre-Quest, there’ll be plenty of workshops going on in the next couple of months for outfit creation. Keep an eye on the Quest Facebook page for more info.

Arrive in Sustainable Style

Even before you get to Quest Festival 2018, you can do your part to help keep the festival sustainable. By opting onto our Quest Fest Bus, you’ll save yourself the hassle of organising your journey and save the planet from excess pollution.

If you really want to go green with your festival travel, then why not cycle?? It’s less than 60 kilometres to Son Tinh camp and, while you may get a little dusty, you’ll have wheels for getting to and from the different stages!

Take Control of Your Waste

While the Quest clear-up teams are on hand during and after the festival to manage the festival waste, every single one of us can do more to help keep the festival waste under control. There are so many simple ways to reduce your personal waste and all it takes is a little forethought and consideration.

For starters, you can create a rubbish section for your camp, including a recycling area, and advertise it with a cute sign. Bring a couple of rubbish bags and then make sure you use them! You could even do a 5-minute ground clean up each morning to stay on top of any errant bits of trash.

If you tell people in the surrounding tents, then you may just inspire someone else to think more carefully about their own waste.

Reduce & Reuse, Before Recycling

The biggest waste issue comes with festival food and drink and this is where you can really make a difference. If you bring your own reusable cup for drinks, and a bowl or Tupperware for food, then you instantly reduce a significant proportion of your waste at the festival. All it takes is a little rinse and you are good to go for the next cocktail or meal!

Think Before You Drink

As well as having a reusable cup for beers and G&Ts, make sure you bring a water bottle to refill. There are water refill stations all across the festival, so it’s really easy to say no to buying a plastic bottle of water everytime you get thirsty. Quest has got some awesome water bottles you can buy from our merch stand too so you can take a piece of Quest home with you too!

These 7 small and simple ways to stay sustainable at festivals can make all the difference when everyone takes action.

Can you think of any more ways to be more Eco-friendly at Quest Festival?

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