The Sounds of Austin, Texas

ATX6 - Bringing the heat from Austin to Hanoi

Quest is very pleased to introduce Project ATX6, a music documentary project that sends six emerging Austin musicians to perform at three international festivals every year. The project has travelled all over the world, from England to Japan and Germany to Canada, at established events like Indie Week and Reeperbahn.

This year, the ATX6 will travel all the way to Vietnam to attend Quest Festival and we couldn’t be more excited to host their new lineup. Each musician is chosen because their work ‘embodies the excellence, innovation, and independence that Austin music is known for worldwide’. With this accolade in mind, let’s meet this year’s artists.

Cory Reinisch

(from ​Harvest Thieves)

(Photo by Tyler Cannon)

Fronting Austin’s Harvest Thieves for the last five years, Cory Reinisch has been a fixture on the local music scene. The alternative country outfit offers a sound harkening back to the California canyon days of artists like Jackson Browne, focusing on the meat and potatoes blend of chunky guitars and big harmonies that spawned the genre in the first place.

Carrie Fussell

(from Calliope Musicals)

(Photo by Kate Blaising)

Carrie Fussell is a singer, songwriter and performance artist, and she fronts the band Calliope Musicals. She is really something and no one explains it better than music journalist Kelly Seale. “…last night, I got to see Carrie Fussell perform in soulful, heavy contrast to the usual pure-joy light of a Calliope show and it was a true reality check…Carrie got inside my head, found the empty and alone places, and subtly filled them with bubbles that floated me back to the surface and let me feel connected and alive and a little less invisible.”

Jacob Jaeger


(Photo by Nicola Gell)

Jacob is from Angleton, Texas but has been performing professionally in Austin for 12 years. Jacob is a drummer, guitar player, singer, songwriter, actor and visual artist. If you are what you eat, Jacob is a tequila-flavoured chorizo taco with cannabis sauce.

Georgia Parker

(from Big Cedar Fever)

(Photo by Eric Morales)

Big Cedar Fever is a string swing band out of central Texas that specializes in Western swing and jazz. Three part harmonies and tight musical arrangements draw listeners in, only to be taken away by the classic style and lyrics that recall another time and place. Georgia Parker leads with jazz-box guitar and vocals that make you want to get up and dance.

Michael Booher

(from the band & billed as: Booher)

(Photo by White Light Exposure)

In a city where most of Austin’s lyrical depth is tied up in the post-punk and in the country scene
(presumably), Austinite Michael Booher carves out a space of emotional literacy into a chronically indifferent scene. Pensive and uplifting, debut album Funny Tears is all the fist-pumping good times of an all-American band tangled up in a man often at odds with himself, yet welcoming, warm and universal enough to pull in the most unlikely visitor.

Nnedi Nebul

(from Trouble in the Streets)

(Photo by Erika Rich)

Hailing from Austin, Texas and playing their own unique style dubbed “Electric Tribe,” Trouble in The streets has moved up quickly in the local and vibrant musical culture surrounding them. Mixing a blend of Electronic, World, Hip-Hop, Rock and R&B, Trouble in The Streets continues to leave a memorable impression everywhere they play. Most recently their Electro Tribe EP has been featured in the Huffington Post who says “Trouble in The Streets more than has it going on! They pour gasoline on it and then torch it.”

Spanning a plethora of genres and collective decades of experience in one of the world’s best music hubs, Quest is certainly in for a treat when the ATX6 crew hit the live music stage this November.

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