Festival Vietnam 2018

23-25 November 2018, Son Tinh Camp








Quest Festival is Vietnam’s premier arts, music and nature festival, set in the scenic mountain landscape of Son Tinh Camp, just a short ride from Hanoi.


Quest Festival 2017 Aftervideo


Meet The Quest Artists of 2018

Quest Festival is a wondrous, wild wonderland of nature, art and eclectic entertainment. Take a wander through the forest or beside the tranquil lake and you’ll find something to tickle your senses. A giant LED star strung from the sky inviting you to dance beneath...

A Sneak Peek at Quest’s Festival Workshops and Wonders

Quest has never just been about the music. Although it is true that the Quest 2018 lineup is looking stunningly good, there is much more to see and do at Quest than could ever fit on our five stages alone. We’ve already alluded to the mysterious Hendrick's Botanical...

Feeling the Quest Excitement with Eva Lazarus

Feeling the Quest Excitement with Eva Lazarus Last week, we revealed the final additions to what is surely Quest’s best lineup yet. Representing every genre under the sun, from every corner of the globe, the acts coming to Quest 2018 will be performing musical mastery...

Hendricks at Quest Festival 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to The Hendrick's Botanical Oasis by Quest Festival & Hendricks Gin!You have landed in a place where the more delectable eccentricities take center stage, a calming oasis amidst the frenziness of the festival, full of wonderful...

How Quest Themes Honor Vietnamese Mythology and Tradition

Back in 2016, the Quest creative team sat down and hatched a plan to reconnect their up and coming festival to its roots- their much-loved home of Vietnam. Quest was in its fourth year and gaining a strong following because it offered something totally different from...

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