Our first lineup announcement featured a dizzying array of artists and genres from across the globe, proving Quest’s commitment to local talent and outside-the-box performances. Now, with three months to go until the festival, we’re excited to announce over 30 more acts ranging from internationally renowned DJs to unique live acts from across the world. It’s another inspiring selection of music, handpicked to bring the unique energy and vibes you’ve come to love from Quest.

“As always we will be hosting a multitude of stages with a range of genres for you to enjoy and explore”, says Music Director, Luke Poulson.

“If you’re looking for a deeper look into the hype surrounding the UK Bass and Grime movements – you’ll find it blowing the roof off our dome. More into the deeper, tribal rhythms of downbeat and techno? Get ready for some perfect sunsets and sunrises. Wanting to experience your first ever trance dance party? You’ll find it deep within our forests. At Quest we aim to explore the full spectrum of both electronic music and live music and spend a lot of time looking for the best local and national talent.”

The newly announced lineup opens with La Mamie’s, the trio of French DJs who have made a name for themselves throwing crazy, disco-laden parties in the clubs of Paris. In their own words, they are on a mission to ‘keep the party alive’. Trust us, they do. 

Indonesian duo Bottlesmoker will be bringing their curious collection of custom instruments to the Quest stage. The unmistakable sounds of the melodica, the glockenspiel and toy phones will transport you from the forest of Son Tinh camp to your childhood music room and back again in their whirlwind of spacey pop vibes.

On the other end of the spectrum, English DJ Third Son takes his classical training and musical family background to the decks with a live set that is infectious, inspired and meticulously executed. Also set to infuse the Quest dancefloors with adventurous mixes is house and techno favorite, Tomasz Guiddo. Polish-born, Berlin-bred Guiddo relocated to Shenzhen in 2014 and has been on a one-man mission to put Southern China on the electronic music map.
Quest 2018 is also set for a Bangkok invasion with some of the biggest names in the city’s club scene coming to hit the Quest decks. Quest is thrilled to welcome back Bangkok based party-starter Sunju Hargun, who made a major impact after his performance at the Quest Embassy last year.


Bringing some seriously soulful vibes are Bangkok artists Pyra and UNDA. Self-produced electro-R&B singer Pyra was named Apple Music Thailand’s New Artist of the Month in 2016. Hanoi locals may recognize UNDA from his 2018 Angels 33 music video shot on Tay Ho Lake. He’ll be providing lyrical delights with his cool brass beat. Also arriving from the City of Angels are DJs Chamapoo and Eddy Frampton.



Bangkok’s Pyra joins Quest Festival’s 2018 lineup announcement.


The Quest Takeovers return also, with two exciting collaborations added to a DJ lineup already overflowing with unbelievable talent. Hong Kong’s ROAM Selectors, Romain FX and MLCH will join Vietnam’s Tok and Viet Anh when the reins are handed over to the funk-loving Fauve Radio Takeover. Singapore’s DJ darling Cats on Crack will join Seoul’s Marcus L for The Council Takeover (the first acts to be announced as part of a broader takeover). 


Hailing from Vietnam, is local psytrance hero DJ Thorley, Red Sheep from the Jaunty Maniacs, the frenzied beatboxing duo Loopernatural and Hanoi’s live afrobeat band Zamina.  Representing Vietnam’s small, but strong rock scene are iconic Saigon Soul Revival – who rocked the Quest 2017 Main Stage; melodic rock group Empty Spaces and alternative indie-rock band Monoheart, both from Hanoi; as well as Irish singer-songwriter Colin Devaney who now calls Hoi An home.

We still have LOADS more music and performance details to reveal in the coming weeks. Stay tuned as we count head closer and closer to Quest’s biggest edition ever!

See our full lineup here and be sure to secure your tickets here.

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