Chance Dance and Body Choir with the Movement Kitchen

CHANCE DANCE: This workshop is centered around Merce Cunningham’s use of chance mechanisms and indeterminacy as choreographic strategies.
BODYCHOIR: A movement workshop that is focused on body scanning, breathing exercises and spiritual movement activities. Seeing our bodies as a reflection of nature, the session begins through connecting to nature within us.

Tie – Dye with Jai Thep Festival

Get crafty and create your very own craft and t-shirt patterns with tie-dye!

Drawing and Designing With Nature with Patrick

 A drawing group to go and choose anything from nature that is around the park, the instructor shows the audiences how to draw the subjects, learning shading, texture, focus etc. Then to think about how to apply aspects of their focus to a design that will be useful. Design concept development is a part of the workshop.

Fest-flip-book – Making Flipbooks with Hanoi Life Drawing Society

Enlighten yourself, live the art. We will be focusing on capturing the language of movement, and acceptance of the self in this life drawing workshop. Our subjects will be some of the four holy animals from this year’s theme. We’ll run a through some practice sketches to get into the groove before you fill your own flip book with sketches that is yours to keep!

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