Art & Performance

It’s more than JUST the music.

The visual and immersive elements of Quest Festival are valued just as highly as the music.

Each year we curate a sensory wonderland, dreaming up immersive environments for you to explore.

The Art & Performance program encompasses four key elements – stage decor, installations, workshop and healing, and performance art.

Stage Decor

Our creative team consistently raises the bar in terms of what is able to be achieved with stage environments in Vietnam. WIth a strong focus on using sustainable materials and utilizing indigenous Vietnamese woods, the stage decor reflects the unique nature of the festival, and its place within Vietnam as a cultural highlight.

Art & Decorations

We strongly encourage exploration of the whole site and discovery of the many installations outside of the stage arenas. Peruse an outdoor, suspended art gallery or enjoy lazing in a hammock as you watch the day slip by. These are just the adventures we have planned for you.

Workshops & Healing

Indulge your yoga cravings, learn how to master the art of fire spinning, try your hand at improv comedy. Create your own feather earings or design and construct your own crochet mandala. Whatever your interests or passions, Quest is sure to help you nurture them.

Performance & Art

All of these will appear at random throughout the weekend, and when you least expect it. Aerialists, actors, fire spinners, stilt walkers, comedians, and other roving performers will add magic and energy to your experience.

Festival Performances


Tyrone & the Tyronettes

Juju & Kem in the Freakshow Disco



Be Clown

Sirens of Bellydance

Hanoi Slam

Hip Hop Karakoke

Solar Flare

Conservation Program


Psi Works

Secret Theatre

Lewy the Giant



Dearest Lovely Human

The Healer

The WTF Team

The Threadcutter

The Rainbow Witch

The Masks

The Wandering Photobooth


Tie Dye Workshop

Get crafty and create your very own craft and t-shirt patterns with tie-dye!

Pompoms Jewlery Making Workshop

Make your fun and colorful earrings with pompoms!

Flower Crown Workshop

Now is your chance to get crafty and create your very own crowns adorned with local flowers.

"Colourful wings" Scarf Dancing

Learn how to dance with your scarf – simple tricks to make you look like a butterfly on the dance floor

Drawing and Designing With Nature

 A drawing group to go and choose anything from nature that is around the park, the instructor shows the audiences how to draw the subjects, learning shading, texture, focus etc. Then to think about how to apply aspects of their focus to a design that will be useful. Design concept development is a part of the workshop.

Organic Yarns Crochet Making Workshop

Mandala derives from the Hindu language meaning; concentric energy circle; A circle represents protection, good luck, or completion. Mandalas link with the spiraling movement of consciousness, sacred geometry, psychology, and healing. With this year, Hohana will conduct crochet mandala workshop again but sync with this year’s holy animals theme.

DIY BOX Leather Making Workshops

This series of 5 workshops will teach people make leather wallets, jewelry, creative stuff from DIY – a Vietnamese local business focus on handmade leather & coffee workshop model with main products being coffee bar service and leather goods.

Life Drawing Workshop

Enlighten yourself, live the art. We will be focusing on capturing the language of movement, and acceptance of the self in this life drawing workshop. Our subjects will be some of the four holy animals from this year’s theme. We’ll run a through some practice sketches to get into the groove before you fill your own flip book with sketches that is yours to keep!

Lantern Making

Learn the art of teditional Vietnamese lantern making and make your own đèn trời at our lantern station, bringing it to the main stage for the lantern lighting at the closing performance

Propaganda Printing Workshop

Now you can create your very own propaganda style print art using acrylic colors and stencils.

Shirt Painting and Printing Station

Consocia organizes the Tshirt painting workshop for all who love painting, DIY, handmade products. We bring people assistance and inspirational ideas to decorate their T-shirt in a creative way.

Stand-up Comedy Workshop

Introductory stand-up comedy and basic joke writing, basic performance techniques and personalized coaching/mentoring by experienced mentors.

Soap and Vegetable Crafting

Soap or fruit carving is easy to do with a small knife. We can carve flowers, animals or whatever designs. In Asia, carving fruits and vegetables used in cultural and traditional ceremonies, but also ordinary households are known for decorating plates with fruit carvings when they have guests over. 

Get Strong Get SexY with Gins

It’s the dance that is accessible for both new and experienced audiences, and suitable for the festival environment. Zumba makes people feel good, as a song of Meghan Trainor said: “I feel better when I’m dancing”. Zumba dances help to bring people together by its wonderful music. Through the dances, participants can find the way to relax their bodies and minds.




Capoeira includes many different elements. Music, singing, and call and response like chanting are a part of the history. The formation of the roda is part of the ritual of capoeira. The roda is where the players come into a circle. An ensemble of musicians, or the bateria, is positioned at the head of the circle with at least three people in the front playing music/leading the songs. Everyone in the circle claps and two players will jump in to “fight” or “spar”.



Chance Dance and Body Choir

CHANCE DANCE: This workshop is centered around Merce Cunningham’s use of chance mechanisms and indeterminacy as choreographic strategies.
BODYCHOIR: A movement workshop that is focused on body scanning, breathing exercises and spiritual movement activities. Seeing our bodies as a reflection of nature, the session begins through connecting to nature within us.

Tarot Reader

Are you struggling with a question or confusing situation? If so, you may want to consider an affordable professional reading with MEL TAROT.

Recycled Plastic Bottles Art Workshop

Turn your trash into something new and creative

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