Art & Performance

It’s more than JUST the music.

The visual and immersive elements of Quest Festival are valued just as highly as the music.

Each year we curate a sensory wonderland, dreaming up immersive environments for you to explore.

The Art & Performance program encompasses four key elements – stage decor, installations, workshop and healing, and performance art.


Programs are now available to download. Click below to download.

Stage Decor

Our creative team consistently raises the bar in terms of what is able to be achieved with stage environments in Vietnam. WIth a strong focus on using sustainable materials and utilizing indigenous Vietnamese woods, the stage decor reflects the unique nature of the festival, and its place within Vietnam as a cultural highlight.

Art & Decorations

We strongly encourage exploration of the whole site and discovery of the many installations outside of the stage arenas. Peruse an outdoor, suspended art gallery or enjoy lazing in a hammock as you watch the day slip by. These are just the adventures we have planned for you.

Workshops & Healing

Indulge your yoga cravings, learn how to master the art of fire spinning, try your hand at improv comedy. Create your own feather earings or design and construct your own crochet mandala. Whatever your interests or passions, Quest is sure to help you nurture them.

Performance & Art

All of these will appear at random throughout the weekend, and when you least expect it. Aerialists, actors, fire spinners, stilt walkers, comedians, and other roving performers will add magic and energy to your experience.

Festival Performances


Be Clown

Tyrone & the Tyronettes

Juju & Kem in the Freakshow Disco



Sirens of Bellydance

Conservation Program

Secret Theatre

Lewy the Giant



Hanoi Slam

O'Muti'Ma Presents Solarflare / Alfa Mist

Attiss Ngô & FEMMENATI

Dearest Lovely Human

Low Key Karakoke


Psi Works

Ukelear Bomb


Chance Dance and Body Choir with the Movement Kitchen

CHANCE DANCE: This workshop is centered around Merce Cunningham’s use of chance mechanisms and indeterminacy as choreographic strategies.
BODYCHOIR: A movement workshop that is focused on body scanning, breathing exercises and spiritual movement activities. Seeing our bodies as a reflection of nature, the session begins through connecting to nature within us.

Tie - Dye with Jai Thep Festival

Get crafty and create your very own craft and t-shirt patterns with tie-dye!

Drawing and Designing With Nature with Patrick

 A drawing group to go and choose anything from nature that is around the park, the instructor shows the audiences how to draw the subjects, learning shading, texture, focus etc. Then to think about how to apply aspects of their focus to a design that will be useful. Design concept development is a part of the workshop.

Fest-flip-book - Making Flipbooks with Hanoi Life Drawing Society

Enlighten yourself, live the art. We will be focusing on capturing the language of movement, and acceptance of the self in this life drawing workshop. Our subjects will be some of the four holy animals from this year’s theme. We’ll run a through some practice sketches to get into the groove before you fill your own flip book with sketches that is yours to keep!

How to Understand and Clear Depression Using Traditional Chinese Medicine

In this workshop presented by Michael Hetherington, we will be diving into Eastern, Traditional Chinese and Oriental medicine models of psychology and looking into how depression tends to play out in the human being. The biggest difference with this model is that psychology and depression is not located in the brain, but in the body organ systems and the energy field of the human being.By the end of this workshop, you will have a better understanding of depression in relation to the mind-body-energy system. You will also be equipped with a list of practical, simple and powerful methods to help you clear it from the system, for good.


Soap and Vegetable Carving Workshop with Yajlee

Yajlee will share his carving talent and techniques to Quest community. Soap or fruit/vegetable carving is easy to do with a small knife. We can carve flowers, animals or whatever designs. In Asia, carving fruits and vegetables used in cultural and traditional ceremonies, but also ordinary households are known for decorating plates with fruit carvings when they have guests over. Soap carving is a great exercise for therapy because when you carve, you cut away the parts you do not want. Once cut, you cannot be put back, so it is best to cut or carve slowly, and only a little at a time.

Life Map - Derive Project

Combines elements of mapping, illustration, interviewing, and storytelling. Each map is drawn during one-on-one conversations held with interviewees as they recant their life stories prompted by improvised questions asked by me. Part art, part therapy, the process is meant to help interviewees feel connected with themselves and their experiences. Each interviewee is given their map as a gift. The project is donation-based, and all profits go to the Goochland Free Clinic & Family Services in Virginia, USA. Since the first Jai Thep Festival in August, 2016, over 40 lives have been mapped.

Feather Earring Making Workshop with My Linh and Katie Tang

Using feathers, My Linh and Katie Tang will help you make awesome earrings to brag around!

Beer Yoga with Đinh Công Phụng

Beer Yoga is the marriage of two great loves – beer and yoga. Both are centuries-old therapies for body, mind, and soul. The joy of drinking beer and the mindfulness of yoga complement each other and make for an energizing experience. Come do yoga with Phụng Style from Om Factory Hanoi, dance with Hilda, drink for yourself and have fun with us

Pompoms Jewelery Making Workshop with Iona Wills

Make your fun and colorful earrings with pompoms!

Mandala Crochet Making Workshop with Hohana

Mandala derives from the Hindu language meaning; concentric energy circle; A circle represents protection, good luck, or completion. Mandalas link with the spiraling movement of consciousness, sacred geometry, psychology, and healing. With this year, Hohana will conduct crochet mandala workshop again but sync with this year’s holy animals theme.

Sky Lanterns Making Station

Learn the art of teditional Vietnamese lantern making and make your own đèn trời at our lantern station, bringing it to the main stage for the lantern lighting at the closing performance

Festival Zumba with Gin's Class

It’s the dance that is accessible for both new and experienced audiences, and suitable for the festival environment. Zumba makes people feel good, as a song of Meghan Trainor said: “I feel better when I’m dancing”. Zumba dances help to bring people together by its wonderful music. Through the dances, participants can find the way to relax their bodies and minds.



Tarot Reading by Mel Tarot

Are you struggling with a question or confusing situation? If so, you may want to consider an affordable professional reading with MEL TAROT.

Gentle Yoga with Kimber Wigley

Shibori Natural Dye Workshop with Hoa Tien Brocade and Textile Linker

Artisan Sam Thi Tinh from Thai tribe will be introducing the shibori dye techniques with natural materials can just be found in the far north

Drumming for Dummies with Kimmi Record

They will use recycled buckets and wooden sticks instead of normal drums and drumsticks: everything eco friendly

Hulahoop and Poi Making Workshop with Jai Thep Festival

Making hula hoops from water pipes and keep hula hopping with the team!

Self-Defense Workshop with Citadel

The seminar taught by instructors with more than 30 collective years of martial arts experience, including previous Quest workshop instructor Gus Roe, will emphasize practical self-defense concepts such as spatial awareness, directional control, basic striking techniques, joint manipulations and turning everyday item into defensive weapons. Participants can learn and apply theory in a fun and safe way with drills as well as games and cooperative exercises. While the games etc are indeed rather active, the instructors will provide a workshop that anyone, regardless of fitness level, age, or size can easily participate in and enjoy.

Mythical Creatures Yoga from Jai Thep Festival

Start your journey at Quest Festival with a 1-hour Vinyasa Yoga class that will stretch you out and fill you up with the stories behind the mythical creatures of Vietnam. Call in the strength of the turtle, the wisdom of the dragon, and the elegance of the Pheonix. Live your own myth. Because you don’t just want to dress up as a unicorn, you want to BE a unicorn. Led by Dani from Jai Thep Festival.

Flower Crowns Making Workshop with Gabby Redmond

Now is your chance to get crafty and create your very own crowns adorned with local flowers.

Colourful Wings and Scarf Dancing with Hoài Phương

Learn how to dance with your scarf – simple tricks to make you look like a butterfly on the dance floor

DIY Leather Making Workshops

This series of 5 workshops will teach people make leather wallets, jewelry, creative stuff from DIY – a Vietnamese local business focus on handmade leather & coffee workshop model with main products being coffee bar service and leather goods.

Conscocia Shirt Printing and Painting Station

Consocia organizes the Tshirt painting workshop for all who love painting, DIY, handmade products. We bring people assistance and inspirational ideas to decorate their T-shirt in a creative way.

Capoeira with Capoeira Saigon

Capoeira includes many different elements. Music, singing, and call and response like chanting are a part of the history. The formation of the roda is part of the ritual of capoeira. The roda is where the players come into a circle. An ensemble of musicians, or the bateria, is positioned at the head of the circle with at least three people in the front playing music/leading the songs. Everyone in the circle claps and two players will jump in to “fight” or “spar”.



Recycled Plastic Bottles Art with Yajlee

Turn your trash into something new and creative

Reiki Therapy

5 Element Sacred Cacoa Dance with Jai Thep Festival

They use cacao as a sacred medicine, an energizing spark to help people release themselves and dance their joyous excitement in a safe, held environment; a beautiful welcoming space; a place for sharing, for listening, for feeling, for being even more of our true and natural selves.

Free-flow Workshop

A space where everyone is confident to express through dancing, writing, breathing, stretching & crafting. A space where everyone is admired and admiring each other for their individuality. The workshop will start of with connecting through poetry individually and through groups. It will then flow into a contemporary dancing and connecting as one. Prana breathing and stretching will follow. The craft flow will be guided and audiences to make dream catchers. Nobody will be forced to participate but the energy of this workshop will make everyone comfortable in their own skin . They will have to pack a blanket or yoga mat.


Movement Catharsis

‘Movement catharsis” is a meeting between vision (light), the organic (body and paint) and rhythm (sound). This creative experimentation associate all these senses around one analytic topic: movement.
It is an exploration of the influence of light and sound on our bodies and minds. Thus, three different artists unify their energies to develop a mystical trance of art:

Dance&painting: Dede La Plume

Music: Scobi Wan

Video installation: 2nanas

Projections, beats, visions, motion, emotions, sensations,… welcome inside the spirit of movement.

Totality by Bret Hamilton

In August 2017 a very small portion of the United States experienced a once in a lifetime astronomical event, the total solar eclipse. This video installation uses images and 3D projected representation of the eclipse synced in time with the video to portray the emotion from that fleeting moment when the moon passes in front of the sun and plunges the world into darkness during daytime.

The Onion Cellar

Vietnam’s worst-kept secret.

Aimed to contribute to the development of alternative and left-field music, film and arts in Vietnam, The Onion Cellar has been bringing together internationally renowned artists for unforgettable concerts spanning a bizarrely eclectic mix of musical disciplines. At other times, they amaze local cinephiles with official Vietnam premieres of genre-defying treats, treading a fine line, and exploring the intricate relationship, between visuals and sounds.

They are bringing a selection of short films to our OFF/SCREEN Stage at Quest Festival.

Nerd Night: Special Edition

Hanoi Nerd Night is a biweekly storytelling, TED talking, poetry slamming, puppet mastering, performance arting gathering of old friends and new friends eager to share and listen to new ideas and stories.

Participation is encouraged, but not required. Participants come prepared with a 5-15 minute presentation/performance on whatever they’d like related, however loosely, to the theme. A song, a poem, a presentation, a photograph…



EXPRMNTL knew only five editions, in 1949, 1958, 1963, 1967 and 1974 but those five editions became known as the most legendary of all experimental film festivals.

The documentary ‘EXPRMNTL’ tells the story of experimental film through the history of this festival, a history which tells us how we came to understand what we watch, a history which questions the very nature of film and how a big part of how we understand our world relies on the very nature of moving images.


Live Scoring

Live scoring with Alistair Hobson, Linh Ha and 2nanas is an experiential audiovisual collaboration.

2nanas creates a silent movie using collected and edited found footage material from a variety of short films and archival film collections.

Alistair Hobson & Linh Ha perform live music to accompany the images on the screen.

Hanoi Doclab

Hanoi Doclab is an independent centre for documentary film and video art in the heart of Hanoi. Since 2009 Doclab has been helping to cultivate a new generation of Vietnamese independent filmmakers and media artists while encouraging the development of a local audience. Since 2011 Doclab has been running Doc Fest – an annual documentary and experimental film festival featuring local and international filmmakers. We are delighted to be presenting a selection of short films from this year’s Docfest at Quest.

Prosthetic Reality

‘Prosthetic Reality’ is a first of it’s kind Augmented Reality Art book. It features work from 45 artists from around the world, showcasing many different styles and techniques that can be utilized by this exciting technology.

Using the Eyejack app, you can see the images come to life with creative animation and sound design.

Prosthetic Reality is the first AR exhibition to come to Vietnam.


This amazing experience will be brought to Quest by Chris Mcbride – one of the artists participating in the project. Chris is an artist and animator based in Da Nang, where he runs The Workshop.

The Spectacle Saigon

The Spectacle Saigon [a collective of organizers & artists] presents a short film program of talented local filmmakers. Check out the latest and greatest creations from artists right here in Vietnam!

Live Video Art Collage

Take part in making one of the four holy animals of Vietnam come to life!

While you draw in shapes and details we animate them with videos. Add some classic collage materials that we will have ready for you and create a unique collaborative piece of art.

2nanas curates: Video installation

In this art installation, 2nanas selects some of their favourite videos and projects it onto thin layers of material giving the audience a feeling of infinity and immersion when walking through. You can either sit back and enjoy this piece from a distance or directly interact with. Taking pictures and videos is welcomed!

2nanas is an emerging multidisciplinary production agency. Its areas of competence include artistic conceptualization and direction, and providing production assistance, in the fields of visual arts, contemporary music, and social/community projects. Their first solo art exhibition, ‘intransmission’, opened in September 2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Future Shorts

Future Shorts is the largest short film network in the world, organized and curated by film enthusiasts. Each season brings a brand new collection of the best short films the world. Check out the Autumn program, it’s a lineup full of funny, beautiful, quirky, obscure films!

Youth Culture Library

Youth Culture Library is a network of specialised art and culture libraries in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. We collect donations of rare and beautiful books, magazines and comics from around the world and set them up in your favorite café. In Hanoi we have one branch, the Hanoi Zine Library, and are working on another – the YCL Vintage Magazine Library, which will soon open at the cozy café Kafeville.

On Sunday, YCL will be opening the archives to readers, and organizing a workshop on zine-making.

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