We are thrilled to reveal the full theme for Quest 2017 as The Four Holy Animals Of Vietnam.

According to Vietnamese belief, the four sacred animals including the dragon, unicorn, tortoise and phoenix represent power, intellect, longevity and nobility. Each of the creatures appear across architectural decorations in palaces, pagodas, tombs and places of worship. We honour the history and culture of the Vietnamese people by using these mythological beasts as the inspiration for this edition of Quest.

The Quy/Turtle

The Quy/ Turtle is the most complex and commonly seen symbol and is combined with either a crane or a snake. The turtle representing immortality, strength and enduring power whereas the snake represents speed, wisdom and flexibility. The Turtle and crane represents balance between sky and earth, femininity and masculinity.


The Phoenix / Phượng is the king of the birds. It symbolizes prosperity, morality and elegance as well as representing the queen and princess. Vietnamese people have long believed that a phoenix bodes well for those areas where it settles.


The Dragon / Long is the spiritualized version of lizard and symbolizes life, growth, the universe, wisdom and nobility. It can also represent a king.

Quest festival artwork Qilin-Lan


The Qilin / Lân is sometimes called a unicorn, because of the single horn upon its head. Combining the head of dragon and the legs of a deer, it symbolizes luck and security.

We’ll be using these creatures as the inspiration for a range of installations, performance and stage design, as well as our opening ceremony performance. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the festival!